Request WIPB-TV on your satellite service

If you subscribe to satellite service, we hope that you’ve noticed some changes since the beginning of 2009. In January Dish Network added WIPB-TV to it’s channel lineup and in March DirecTV did the same.

Now we need your help. If you subscribe to AT&T U-verse and would like express your desire to see WIPB added to the lineup of available channels, click on the links below to download a letter which you can simply sign and mail (or e-mail). If you don’t have Internet access, you can call 765.285.1249 and we’ll mail the letter to you.

Do make sure to include your account number for the service.  That gives the letter more credibility (the companies will know it’s from a real customer), and will give the companies a way to get back to the viewers.

To print the letter and mail it to your satellite service, choose PDF print & mail option.
(Requires Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have Reader, download it for free here).

To e-mail the letter to your service provider, click on HTML copy & e-mail option, copy the text and paste it
into the body of an e-mail message.


AT&T U-Verse (PDF – print & mail) | (HTML – copy & e-mail)